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Alex Morton
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Redux, Rails, and A New Project Idea!

This post was originally published on November 20, 2020 on my blog.

Hello and happy Friday! I've taken a couple days off, but I'm diving in again today.

I recently started in on Dave Ceddia's course Pure Redux to familiarize myself with Redux (I'd officially put it off long enough), and I'm happy to report I now have a working knowledge of its job with state management in apps! I'm looking forward to really solidifying my knowledge with it.

In other news, I've also started dipping my toes into Ruby on Rails! I think for now I'm going to focus more on working through and finishing my Pure Redux course instead of splitting my attention - but I can already tell that Rails is something I want to really explore and add to my skillset just by virtue of seeing so many interesting job posts that call for a React frontend and a Rails backend.

Lastly, whilst in the shower (of course), I had the idea for the perfect new side project idea! It's going to take the Spotify API and allow users to choose content for a daily/morning sort of "radio show" - like with songs and news clips from preferred podcasts.

So, for instance, I'd probably sprinkle in NPR daily news with some random songs from the 'Daily Mix' playlist that the Spotify algorithm puts together based on each user's specific music taste.

Oooh! I'm excited about that! But, of course -- first things first. Focusing on one thing at a time will get me further and faster!

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Sibusiso Dlamini

That Spotify project idea sounds pretty neat. Sounds like something I would use. The power of shower thoughts lol

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Alex Morton

Yes!!! I'll document the process with my posts :D