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Paintball tips and tricks

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As a rental player you often look up admiringly at the players with their own equipment and wish to master some tactics as well.

But paintball is for everyone, not just tournament players.

There are many simple tips and tricks that make the game exciting and can lead to the victory of your team.

Before the game, you should discuss who goes on which team, where you are going and what your tactics are.

  • It always makes sense to be in pairs so as not to be surprised from one side, and you should try to keep the important paths by shooting while starting off.
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  • You should try to get as far out as possible in order to have a good overview of the field, always aim a little higher because the paintballs fly in an arc.

  • Do not shoot blindly over the covers, as much as the field operator may be pleased, you are shooting too much paint.

  • If you meet an opponent, he puts his hand on his head to signal that he is out.

  • Don't shoot again as soon as your hand is on your head! Fair play is also essential in paintball!
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  • As soon as you stand closer than 1 meter behind an opponent, say 'Gotcha' because a shot from such a short distance is very painful.

If you pay attention to these tricks, the game is immediately easier and more exciting for you and the first sense of achievement comes quickly!

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