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Alex Hajdu
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Line spacing in Visual Studio

Visual Studio is not as fancy as it's sibling VSCode. I'm ok with that, no problem.

But hey, why on earth we can't even set up line spacing!?

For me personally, the line spacing is a must have feature - it's a huge step towards code readability.

Anyway, let's keep this short. In the repository bellow, you can download the workaround to this missing feature. Your eyes will be happy :)


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Workaround for missing Line Spacing feature in Visual Studio.


Workaround for missing Line Spacing feature in Visual Studio.

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Ubuntu_Account • Edited

Yeah, a setting to join line height"space" for comments\summary all glued together with no line spacing would be better;

also, separate the setting for folding #region and comments\summary to disable fold for comments; the only fold needed if the one made with custom regions;

and also a setting for change the background color for collapsed region;

also,set transparency for background colors to fix selected text;

also, sample code preview like Delphi\Lazarus for customizing te colors;

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Thank you! My eyes is happy now. :) Any recommendation for Dark color theme?

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Alex Hajdu

You are welcome. Not really, I'm using Dark color theme with some accents coming from Visual Assist..