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Very nervous for 1st day at HACK REACTOR

A WallStreet dropout documenting his Software Engineering journey && passion for coding.
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Tomorrow, is going to be my 1st day at Hack Reactor immersive. It seems a bit insane that it’s actually happening! ! I feel like I am not prepared enough or ready for this day yet. I have learned a lot of things over the past months. I should feel more confident about my skills. However, I am still super nervous to start. I am also excited to begin the program. All this prior preparation is leading to something.

I keep hearing from others how this feeling is normal. Also heard that during Hack Reactor you do not even have time to feel scared since you are always busy doing something. The program moves so fast that I probably won’t be able to feel scared or unprepared…Similar to playing a sport by just playing it, you know? (i am a huge sports guy, you’ll see all my sports analogies). I do not remember feeling scared about the game while actually playing the game. You just play the game.

During my pre-class for the immersive our instructor provided us with a tip for success. This is probably one of the best things I heard. It might exactly what I needed at the time. Our instructor made a reference to the Simpsons. Do you like the Simpsons?!? I love the show! One of my favorite episodes it’s called ‘Do It For Her” , this is an episode in which Homer Simpson covers up a poster at work with photographs of Maggie in order to create a positive message. You simply have to watch the short video below to understand it (you might cry, so don’t watch it!!). This 3 minute video was all I needed to feel motivated again! Motivation is like a battery, sometimes you need charge it again, correct?

Anyways, I hate to admit but I teared up after watching the video. I was on the verge of giving up in coding. I thought about going back to finance and do excel all day at work. After watching the video, I remembered thinking about my ‘why’, like Homer Simpson, I felt some kind of motivation that led me to this moment. I am very scared about Hack Reactor but I know my ‘why’ && this is all I need to complete the program!

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