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@alexfrompalmsprings , mid twenties, sits in the middle of the Uber with
his briefcase. Wearing one his favorite, and most expensive suits, Alex is looking quite good, he knows this too. Alex needed to look his best today.

He’s on the phone. It’s winter in Newport Beach, CA. Mid 70's, a beautiful day. It is always beautiful in Newport.

I think the interview went amazing! I was able to answer all the questions with precise responses & provide examples of what I have I done in the past. I think I made a connection with one of the interviewers & the computer test was not difficult. They also liked the fact that I play soccer.

I am glad this interview is over. I was so nervous during the week. What do you think?

The lovely mother, just like any other mother is proud of her son. In this particular instance, however, she's extra proud of Alex. He was interviewing at Pacific Investment Management, PIMCO, his dream company. PIMCO is a global investment management firm focusing on fixed income. Headquartered in Newport Beach. PIMCO manages 1.8 trillion (yes!! f***n trillions. 12 digits before the '.00') under their assets. Every person in the industry has heard the name PIMCO at least once.

After working so much during college, and at different firms, Alex is finally accomplishing his goal.

OMG!! I am so happy to hear that... God! I am so glad that it went well. When are you going to hear back from PIMCO?

(speaking softly)
I don't know hopefully soon because I think my boss knows that I am looking to leave the company... I don't think I'll have to wait too long though.

I am so happy for you son! You're going to do so good at PIMCO & make a lot of good friends.

Seventeen months have passed by very rapidly, since Alex made that phone call to his mother in the back of the UBER. Now, he finds himself walking around Fashion Island, a remarkable place to shop. A lot of beautiful faces come to this mall. It is very easy to get distracted with a gorgeous smile, but not today... Alex received unfortunate news from his manager. He looks agitated. This doesn't really happen to him. He normally stays calm under most scenarios. Working with BIG numbers made him cold & his poker days taught him not to show his emotions.

...Mom, I already told you! There's not much I can do. I am not the only one getting let go. There are others who are also getting canned.

Do you want to tell them that you can move to Austin to continue working? Is it too late? I told you to consider moving to Austin if you wanted to continue working at the company.

Yes, I think it's too late for that & I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO TX! I do not love what I do. I do not want to leave Newport and move to Austin to do powerpoints and presentations.

Okay, i know...But why don't you apply for another position at a different team? Your friends from soccer can probably help you. You know a lot of people there.

They can help BUT they can't just give me a job. It does not work like that a PIMCO. The company is so strict when it comes to hiring. My friends could get into trouble if they do not what HR tells them to do. Mom, everything is going to be okay. Stop worrying so much.

I have to worry son. You're my son. I know you were very happy with your roommates and friends. I know you always have plans and ideas. What are you thinking of doing? What are you going to do?..

Mom, I am not sure. I kind of want to travel for a little bit right now and just play soccer, you know?
I think I have an idea though...I WANT TO LEARN TO CODE!!!

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