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hookee - command line webhooks, on demand

pyngrok - a Python wrapper for ngrok

hookee is a utility that provides command line webhooks, on demand! Dump useful request data to the
console, process requests and responses, customize response data, and configure hookee and its routes
further in any number of ways through custom plugins.


hookee is available on PyPI and can be installed
using pip:

pip install hookee
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or conda:

conda install -c conda-forge hookee
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That's it! hookee is now installed.

Basic Usage

hookee makes it easy to get webhooks on the fly right from the console. Simply start it with:

hookee start
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With its default configuration, this will start a server on port 5000, open a ngrok tunnel
using pyngrok, and mount a URL at /webhook. Sending any request to
the /webhook endpoint will dump the request and response data to the console.

hookee can be configured in a number of ways to quickly and easily tweak request and response data. For example,
here we are customizing the response body from /webhook using the --response arg.

hookee --response "<Response>Ok</Response>" --content-type application/xml
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To see the ways hookee can be tweaked right from the console, view its documented args and commands like this:

hookee --help
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For more advanced usage, including how hookee default configuration can be changed, extended through plugins,
and more, see its official documentation is available at


If you would like to get involved, be sure to review the Contribution Guide.

Want to contribute financially? If you've found hookee useful, sponsorship would also be greatly appreciated!

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