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amazon-orders for Python

amazon-orders - a python library

amazon-orders is an unofficial library that provides a command line interface alongside a programmatic API that can
be used to interact with's consumer-facing website.

This works by parsing website data from A nightly build validates functionality to ensure its
stability, but as Amazon provides no official API to use, this package may break at any time. This
package only supports the English version of the website.


amazon-orders is available on PyPI and can be installed using pip:

pip install amazon-orders
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That's it! amazon-orders is now available as a Python package is available from the command line.

Basic Usage

Execute amazon-orders from the command line with:

amazon-orders --username <AMAZON_EMAIL> --password <AMAZON_PASSWORD> history
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Or use amazon-orders programmatically:

from amazonorders.session import AmazonSession
from amazonorders.orders import AmazonOrders

amazon_session = AmazonSession("<AMAZON_EMAIL>",

amazon_orders = AmazonOrders(amazon_session)
orders = amazon_orders.get_order_history(year=2023)

for order in orders:
    print("{} - {}".format(order.order_number, order.grand_total))
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For more advanced usage, amazon-orders's official documentation is available at


If you would like to get involved, be sure to review the Contribution Guide.

Want to contribute financially? If you've found amazon-orders useful, sponsorship would
also be greatly appreciated!

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