Kartitude racing game. Who will beat my lap record of 17.88?

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Hello everyone I made a karting game for the unity game jam starting august 27th 2019 here it is https://connect.unity.com/p/kartitude give it a try and share

karting #unity #game #gamer

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Nice!!! My lap record was 20s shushsus

I'm made one myself doing the tutorial on Unity. Today i'm gonna add some mods to it.

I'm exciting to do the game jam tomorrow.

If you have some tips to give to me, feel free to share some!! I'm trying to learn more about game dev


Give it a try. I just followed the steps the documentation is well done and interactive. The game jam starts tomorrow at 8PM GMT 0 (Greenwich time)
Keep up.

By the way, my new lap record is 17.88. Did it today. Have fun and share at will with your friends.


Who will beat my new lap record on Kartitude?

mariokart64 #gamergirls #gamerguy #unity3d

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