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TCMs and exploring Testomatio

I've always been on the lookout for a better TCM (test case management) tool. All the ones I've used so far always seem to have something off, be it: an outdated UI, limited CI integration, poor API docs, minimal community support, horrible editing capabilities. Oh the list (and my heart) goes on and on.

Graphics from a bygone era

Now that's not to say these tools can't do the job required of them. They certainly can and have been doing exactly that across decades and thousands of software teams. However we're in 2021, and I'm a little picky now.

Anakin meme

Now, when I discover a new TCM and want to assess it's feasibility for my use, there are several factors I take into consideration. The main ones being:

  • Affordibility
  • Ease of use
  • Customisation
  • API usage
  • Markdown editing
  • Data linking

This is where comes in. I discovered this TCM whilst working with and part of their Slack group. Testomatio is built by the team behind codeceptjs, bringing in vast experience in test automation behind the scenes.

testomatio test cases

This is where the fun begins. I have a limited trial and want to assess if Testomatio can satisfy my needs. Over the next few days, I gave it a go.

This review of mine is over a short period and am understanding that this is a relatively new tool.

Overall, I am pleasantly pleased and supportive of this TCM.


It gets so many aspects correct, with highlights of mine being:

  • CLI control to automatically upload JS/TS tests from source
  • Able to upload and support frameworks such as cypress + codeceptjs
  • Detailed documentation that actually matches the features available
  • Quick, snappy UI leading to a seamless UX
  • Automatic linking of test cases in test runs, allowing clearer run history
  • Time stamps + logs of almost all system interaction
  • Ability to import test cases that were exported from an alternative TCM (e.g TestRail), meaning re-use!

Now, that's not to say it cannot be improved.


  • Pages for different sections, such as Steps, Imports, Plans and Runs, are missing instructions or helpful tips for their respective pages. Apart from a '+' or 'Launch' button, I'd hope for something to drive me to use that page or feature. Something to define its purpose (The pages though in the 'Settings' section do have helpful information for each sub-page, so consistency is needed here).
  • The dashboard needs a main hub. A data-driven dashboard. Right now, the 1st page you land on is 'Tests' and it's not that exciting to see a list of test cases. Logging into the dashboard, you want a status report. Visual metrics presented to you which help form your daily priorities
  • I am unsure how to keep the uploaded test cases in the TCM in-sync with new tests that are being developed or modified in source code. Do I need to re-upload from local after each test change? I suspect it might be easier when integrated with CI. Unfortunately I have not gotten that far yet
  • I was excited to use Testomatio as mainly a TCM but with all the additional features it supports, it feels like it could be trying to cover all bases, with not all bases having clear purposes just yet

(geez it's getting late for me, hopefully that last point made sense)

All in all, Testomatio has my attention. I love the integrations, customisation and its support for many popular testing libraries. I do see improvements needed, such as clear guidance to showcase certain features or narrowing down its key selling points to maximise engagement.

Phew, all systems are go!

Moving forward, I'm keen to explore Testomatio further and to remain up to date with its future developments. I'm a big codeceptjs avocado so no doubt I'll be involved in this space again.


P.S if you've made it this far, join the codeceptjs Slack group by jumping here. There's tons of great support and community available.

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