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Collect emoji feedback on your blog or website

Hey Dev community,
in this post I want to show you, how you can embed a simple emoji feedback component to your website or blog with the help of Instant Emoji Feedback. This allows you to easily collect feedback and encourage your readers to interact with your content.

Step 1 - Login

You first need to login to [Instant Emoji Feedback] with your GitHub account. But no worries, you don‘t need to pay anything.

To do so, open this link.

login instructions

Step 2 - Add the script and our Web Component to your website

As you can already see on the website, you now need to add two little things to your HTML.

First of all insert the following script tag to your <head>, to download download the component:

<head><script src=""></script></head>
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After that you just need to insert the web component wherever you want the feedback form to be and you‘re good to go.

Please note that the component contains a personal id parameter. You can find yours in the install instructions on the website (shortcut).

<body><emoji-feedback id="YOUR_PERSONAL_ID" templates="👋,👍,👎"></emoji-feedback></body>
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You may noticed the templates parameter in the previous code snippet. You can use this one to define some default reactions, so your users don‘t have to spend time searching them.

By the way, mine are the following:

My templates

Final words

Thanks for reading til the end. I hope you will find Instant Emoji Feedback useful. I would love to hear from you, what your opinion on this project is.

And at the end I would also like to mention the pro version:

It allows you to moderate and analyze the given feedback all in one place and helps me keeping up with the bills 🙃.

pro version

Enjoy your day ☺️.

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