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How do you find a way when you struggle in problem solving skills?

Okay, I really have a little struggle with problem solving skills, a lot. I mean I reading a lot of open source code, I trying to create my own projects, but somewhere between all that stuff, I find a way to create a solution more complex, harder and even in a dirty way.

I am freelancer for my own, I program projects to my clients, and I wan't to make something my own to sell, to make solve the clients bussiness problem or clients in B2C problems.

But when I try to make a projects, I just think:

damn, how do I do that functionality? How do I do this?
Let's see in others projects, ohhh there is a way, but it is complex for me.

How do you find a way for your problem solving skills?
I saw a lot of youtube videos,but none of them not helping me.
I coding at least 12 hours in a day for clients, but I always do some as I say up dirty and complex way, when I can come to more clean and readable function.

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Perhaps try and distance yourself a bit from coding and focus on what problem you would like to solve.

Don't immediately start to develop, instead try and architect a solution on paper and only start implementing once you've mapped at least 80% of the product you would like to build.

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Thanks mate, I will write down your words somewhere in my poster wall