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Choose your next VS Code theme

Color themes let you modify the colors in Visual Studio Code's user interface to suit your preferences and work environment.

To install the new theme, press CTRL+SHIFT+X. Sidebar with extensions tab selected will open. You can type "theme" or specified theme name in the text input, select the one you like and install it. The theme will be applied automatically once installed.

To change installed themes, press CTRL+K and then CTRL+T. Popup window with your installed themes will be shown. If you iterate through results with Arrow up and Arrow down, you'll see themes apply automatically. If you're happy with what you are seeing press enter and theme will be applied.

Top 5 VS Code themes:

  1. SynthWave '84

  2. Material theme

  3. One dark pro

  4. One monokai

  5. Shades of purple

Let me know down in the comments below, which VS Code theme is your favourite?

Also, if you would like to improve your VS Code skills, please follow this link.

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