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re: Who said that VIM cannot compete with IDEs? VIEW POST


I tried to make Vim work as an IDE. I really thought it could work out for me. After i had installed my 20th plugin i thought maybe i should just go with a Jetbrains IDE. IdeaVim works decently enough and i also get the support of a really powerful IDE out of the box.


For what language did you tried to configure? I am using 6 plugins and consider disabling the YouCompleteMe. It works fine for C/C++ and Python. The only IDE I currently use is Android Studio. It would be a bit masochistic to write android programs in vim :)


I work mostly with PHP. I need to be able to navigate the codebase efficiently, do usage searches, generate code on docblocks, resolve merge conflicts, check when a line has been edited by someone, browse the database, etc, etc. And PHP is an interpreted language so i don't even have to deal with compiling stuff.

The thing with VIM is, that the developer tries to make up the shortcomings by endless configuring to just get it to do the stuff that makes eg. PhpStorm so powerful.

I haven't done any php, so I can't really recommend anything, but the most important thing in coding aren't the text editors or the IDEs, but the code you write with them, so if you feel comfortable with PHPStorm, you are right, it doesn't cost the time to configure vim for hours. My problem was that for C/C++ coding, no IDE felt me so comfortable to use as Vim, so I configured it over time :)

Vim for Php with all the stuff you requested. Yep, it took me hours, but as Grigor said it was a joy configuring it over time.

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