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Remote Jobs Sites 2021

albertoroldanq profile image Alberto Roldan Updated on ・2 min read

In times of great adversity and chaos, we need to stay optimistic, adapt to the circumstances, and help others as much as possible.
The economy may have been globally affected and the way we have to work has been compromised, therefore, some of us might need to find new jobs and working remotely has practically shifted to be the only choice.
In the following list, it can be found several sites with Remote Jobs offers:


And of course:

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davorminchorov profile image
Davor Minchorov • Edited

Adeva is an exclusive developers’ community of exceptional and experienced engineers from all around the world.

I’ve been part of the community for about 2 years now and I must say that it’s the best place to be if you are looking for a remote freelance jobs.

You choose your hourly rate and my colleagues will connect you with a client / project if they have one for your matching skills.

The clients they have are mainly startups and huge corporations.

There are full time and part time options if you are interested.

Other than working for clients, there are:

  • Speaking opportunities
  • Writing opportunities
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Remote work coaching and support
  • Peer support and mentorship
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Referral passive income bonuses (for devs and clients if they start working on a project)

If this looks good to you, you are an experienced web or mobile developer, QA, devops or UI / UX designer and you are interested in joining, feel free to apply here

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything.

albertoroldanq profile image
Alberto Roldan Author

Thanks for your comment Davor, if you don't mind I will add it to the list. 😁

davorminchorov profile image
Davor Minchorov

Sure, go ahead!

golangch profile image
Stefan Wuthrich

Hi Alberto.
Thanks so much for listing my project Full-Stack Jobs.
There is btw a direct link which shows only Remote Jobs:
and for other dev remote jobs:


albertoroldanq profile image
Alberto Roldan Author • Edited

Hi Stefan,
Thank you for your comment. I hope yours and any other site can be more helpful than ever. 🙂

fgeurson profile image
Daniel M. Wolken

Great list Alberto. I recommend adding DailyRemote( as it is also on of the great remote job boards with daily updated jobs posted in various categories such as Software Development, Design, Support, Sales, Writing, Product, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Data Entry, Healthcare, Recruitment, Teaching, Virtual Assistant, and Others.

albertoroldanq profile image
Alberto Roldan Author

Hey Daniel, thanks for your comment, I've checked the website and I think it's a great platform. It's definitely going to be on the list!

Keep in touch,

rafinskipg profile image
Rafael Pedrola Gimeno

Hello , i am the creator of Remote people , it's been running for a year and a half now.

Can you add it to your list?

albertoroldanq profile image
Alberto Roldan Author

Thank you, Rafael, done!

freshremote profile image

Hey Alberto, nice list! How about adding to it?
It provides a huge amount of tech and non-tech remote job listings from all around the globe. What's also nice about it is that it's really easy to use and comes along with a super-clean UI.

hvaandres profile image
Andres Haro

I can help people to apply to multiple jobs at once. In other words, I can help with automation stuff!

jerquilo profile image
Jerson Quintero

Great contribution @albertoroldanq , this is perfect for what I'm looking for now.

daviducolo profile image
Davide Santangelo

Great Post! Take a look at my own search engine DatoRSS, remote jobs

albertoroldanq profile image
tlabrahamson profile image
Tim Abrahamson

Thanks for this!

up2staff profile image

Very helpful list. We are running a remote jobs board here: There are new postings every day from many different areas. Please kindly consider adding it on your list. Many thanks!

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