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Technology will be the star of the World Cup

Artificial intelligence has already dominated several areas of work. Sports were not left out. The Qatar World Cup arrived with many technological innovations in football games, stadiums and cities.

We need to remember that Qatar has a rich and technological side. This provides an application of very new technology and some still unpublished.

Inside Field.
Even before entering the stadiums, fans will see a little of all this applied technology. Starting with the 100% digital tickets that will give access to the match venues via cell phone. Also the Hayya Card Digital, is an identification document for tourists, which is requested by the Qatari government for entry into the country and to the stadiums.

One of the main applications of the technology will be its use for the fastest and most efficient offside marking verification.

The official ball of the Cup, it was also designed with technology to be faster and more accurate.

Hot climate.
Stadiums will deploy the retractable roof if the weather is too hot for fans and teams. With this, the cooling of the stadium will also become more efficient.

The stadiums were also designed to be sustainable. They will use water and electricity efficiently.

Smarter teams.
Big Data is increasingly becoming the way out to solve problems in several areas, including team performance. This means that teams can utilize the massive collection of data to discover flaws and insights for game improvement.

Data everywhere.
The Internet of Things is still a distant concept for most people and most cities. During the Cup the visitors will be very close to that.

Cities will have smart sensors linked to urban mobility, public lighting and whatever else is needed.

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nice article .

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