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Jira hygiene for developers - how to update jira tickets

If you are a developer and working with Jira as part of your agile software development, then this post is for you.

Having a good jira hygiene is important for any software project. Here are some of the recommendations that i would suggest to any developer to follow to keep the Jira tickets updated on a regular basis (during the Sprint):

  1. Always use Jira Comments field to indicate progress on your jira tickets
    • Slack/Teams or any other Instant messenger (IM) chats or email would NOT be a substitute for the jira comments
  2. Comment on the tickets whenever you think that you have made decent/significant progress on a ticket. Best practice is to at least comment at the end of the day or before the daily standup
  3. Tag the right person in the tickets to get their attention
  4. Include a screenshot of what you have implemented
    • taking a couple of screenshots of the section that you implemented/developed is sufficient
    • Indicate where you took that screenshot (local or DEV env)
    • Screenshot could go to the jira ticket attachments
    • If possible, highlight parts of the screenshot that is relevant to the ticket
    • Add comment(s) that would go along with the screenshot and tag QA team member(s)
  5. If you need to create SUB-TASKS, then you could do so without SM help
  6. Tag another developer in jira comments to communicate with the relevant other developers
  7. Always, move the jira ticket (story or sub-task) status right after you finish the development item
  8. Include the git pull request and tag the other developer(s) that is going to peer review your code
  9. Comment and tag QA with any required details that you may have/have not implemented with the tickets in question

some useful links:

Hope you find this information useful. Look forward to hearing your comments.

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