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API/SDK for interior design & filling up empty rooms with furniture

Hey community,

I want to introduce an API/SDK I have built around my platform Decor8 AI.

With this API, app builders can integrate the latest generative ai capabilities in their apps.

The API is helpful to the apps which provide:

  1. Online Interior Design Product/Services who can let their users upload photo of their room and provide on-demand designing
  2. Interior Design & Architecture Firms looking to give their clients self-service portal. Their clients can imagine their own space with infinite possibilities.
  3. Realtors can use virtual staging service to save money on their listings.

How is the API different than GenAI's in-painting features?
The API uses Stable Diffusion generative AI model to perform in-painting but the magic sauce is in the way it does it. It actually recognizes what's in the room before it does in-painting. In addition, the API preserves a room's layout (walls/windows/doors/ceiling/floor-plan) when re-designing it. This is very important differentiation that just using basic generative-ai model.

Here is the SDK on Github - Take a look.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you're interested in integrating this api into your app.

Looking forward to hearing questions/feedback/comments from the community members.

Thanks for your time 🤜


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