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Alex Sharp 🛠
Alex Sharp 🛠

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React CRA + Netlify = 💯❤

I've been shipping static frontend to s3/cloudfront for a while, and I finally gave Netlify a chance and wow is it easy. You connect your github repo, give it a command to run and done. They handle all the cloudfront / CDN stuff behind the scenes that I used to have to configure manually.

See here for more.

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Joe Zack

I'm so in love with Netlify.


  • CDN
  • Automatic Builds, with great configuration options
  • Automatic Deployments
  • Great routing options
  • Great subdomain support

Oh yeah, and all of that is free!

I haven't tried any of their payed services yet, but they are all things I'm interested.

It's the perfect platform for my current combo fascination of JAMstack + Search Engine. :)

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Alex Sharp 🛠

Yea, I'm very impressed with what they've built.