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I built a 2D RPG Game in GO [GoLang]

ajinkyax profile image Ajinkya Borade ・1 min read

All I did in my last 9 years web development was use JavaScript and javascript only. But I wanted to learn something new.

I was confused between Rust or GO. Rust is definitely faster than GO, Go is easy to learn and easy to write and maintain. (in my personal opinion)

And so I choose GO

I recently started learning Go (GoLang) and I thought why not start learning by making a 2D game.

I'm using PixelGL which is almost identical to Raylib.

so far my game has;

  • State Machine (for changing between different maps, anime state, enemies)
  • Storyboard for creating animations (also included AnimationController, Tween)
  • load sound, play sound on certain actions (above video is not updated)
  • Welcome Title Menu screen
  • Game Over screen
  • In Game Menu
  • Selection Menu, Tooltips
  • Combat Arena
  • Attack Options (Attack, Item, Magic, Flee)
  • Attack randomizer (e.g. Miss, Critical, Dodge)
  • Load Town Map (world map)

Im not saying its a good game or its perfect.
All I'm saying is I'm enjoying learning GO. And somehow developing games is more addicting than playing one.

I just hope more people start using GO for game development its way way Better than Python and 1000x times better than Java

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raulismasiukas profile image
Raulis Masiukas

The you'r in the thumbnail really triggers me. Really cool seeing golang used for game dev

ajinkyax profile image
Ajinkya Borade Author

Hahaha you can always do a PR code is on GitHub πŸ€ͺ