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Introduction to JavaScript


What is Javascript?

javascript is a high-level object oriented multi-paradigm programming language.breaking down the description everyone has an intiuition on what is a programming language.object oriented programming languages deal with OOP concepts.Object-oriented language uses an object-oriented programming technique that binds related data and functions into an object and encourages reuse of these objects within the same and other programs. languages such as C++,Java,Python are some of the well known programming languages.The idea of a multiparadigm language is to provide a framework in which programmers can work in a variety of styles, freely intermixing constructs from different paradigms.

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Where is JavaScript beign used?

JavaScript is mainly used for web-based applications and web browsers. But JavaScript is also used beyond the Web in software, servers and embedded hardware controls. Here are some basic things JavaScript is used for:

1.Adding interactive behavior to web pages
JavaScript allows users to interact with web pages. There are almost no limits to the things you can do with JavaScript on a web page

2.Creating web and mobile apps
Developers can use various JavaScript frameworks for developing and building web and mobile apps.

3.Building web servers and developing server applications

4.Game development

Role of JavaScript in Web development

JavaScript and WebDev

In frontend development html,css and javascript is used. html acts like a noun it says what the text is example

is a paragraph. the css aspect of the page acts like an adjective describing the html eg. the paragraph is red. and the javascript acts like an verb saying the action on what is to be done with it eg. hide the paragraph.

How to integrate JavaScript with html files?

We can use google chrom console to execute basci Javascript
expressions but its not always what we want to!. so,how to
integrate html and css code with javascript?. this is usually
done in the index.html file itself by including the path to the
javascript file.

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