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Roadmap to improving your Agile QA Toolkit

An Agile QA does more than write test cases or execute them. They participate in activities such as "Estimating Stories" and "Backlog Grooming", interact with developers, attend daily scrum and sprint-planning sessions and they AUTOMATE.

QA's are expected to be knowledgeable on the different tools and methodologies used, find the root cause, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives while still ensuring that releases are sent out on time.

How do you set yourself up for success or make an impact? An Agile QA toolkit will allow you to be knowledgeable in the right areas, think quickly on your feet, be ready to grasp promotion and opportunities for growth as well as be confident and efficient in carrying out tasks. You will gain applicable knowledge about automation tools, testing concepts and approaches as well as be able to better handle challenges, be more prepared and empowered for change.

Join me as I walk you through my journey to being an impactful QA as well as give you a guide on how you can create your toolkit to be impactful.

You will take the following from the talk:

  1. Being ready for change and applying lessons from past projects to future projects.
  2. Testing tools and approaches needed for a consultant toolkit (Getting Started and improving on what you have)
  3. Be prepared to grab opportunities and grow as a QA Consultant

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