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Guide to creating an effective Test Automation Strategy

Test Automation is increasingly being introduced to companies to solve issues and reduce the time to market for products. However, for test automation efforts to not be ad hoc and to get the return on investment that test automation brings, the team should work together to create a Test Automation Strategy.

A test automation strategy defines the tools and frameworks used to get reusable, automated scripts, as well as how to create those scripts and maintain them. It is most effective when it is understood by your entire team as they are going to be the ones to implement it. Test automation can provide valuable returns on investment, such as faster time to market, more reliable, faster tests. However, it takes a lot of time and effort and you don't want to dive into writing automated scripts without first having a test automation strategy.

Your strategy should define how you're going to go about doing automation, who is going to be writing it, when are you going to be running it and what environments you're going to use. It fully defines the what, why, when, how and where of your test automation initiative. Let’s break down the what, why, when, how and where that will be in your test automation strategy.

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