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Experience level filter and salary estimates

We noticed that there is an increasing demand with job seekers for entry level roles in particular, and since we had experience levels as attributes on most jobs ads already, we now added an additional filter for this. It has been added to the job email form as well.

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That way it’s easier now to match results by experience level, which actually makes a lot of sense for candidates and recruiters alike.

Salary estimates are live now

We also manged to launch our salary estimates in job list and detail views – finally, yay! It shows a suggested salary range for all jobs where there’s such info missing, and where we’re able to match certain attributes of the role with the data available in our salaries database.

When there’s a match you’ll see salary range values (in USD for all matched listings) attached to the job ad marked with an asterisk ‘*’. This indicates that it’s an estimate and only for guidance and not salary info submitted by the hiring company.

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Of course this should be taken with a grain of salt as we don’t have enogh data yet to make this super-accurate. But if you like, you can help us (or nudge your colleagues) by anonymously submitting your salary info to the database (it’s also in the Public Domain, so everyone benefits):

We’re currently trying to keep or even increase the pace of improvements and future changes to our job platform, so stay tuned and thanks for using and recommending 😉

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