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AI/ML/Data Science jobs at remote-first companies

The ratio of remote jobs on our site during May this year was about 35.5% of all job openings published, compared to 23% during the same month in 2021. That’s quite an increase and a clear sign that remote working is here to stay and becoming quite common for at least one third of applicants that find their new role in the AI/ML space through our site.

Now there are different kinds of companies out there that hire remotely. For example the ones that have been forced to go remote during the past two years for obvious reasons. Many of them now seem to adapt a hybrid working model with some time remote and some time on-site/in the office. Others already had some staff working remotely before the pandemic, mostly engineers, developers or contractors. And then there are companies that have either been fully remote since their inception or simply canceled their office lease within the last year or two, sent everyone home and never looked back.

The latter is what we commonly refer to as remote-first companies. Many are 100% remote, so they don’t even have a real office anywhere, and all employees are free to chose where to work from, although often within timezone or country restrictions. Some still maintain office space somewhere but consider being physically present optional – hence the term remote-first.

New remote-first attribute for employers

We wanted to take the growing presence of these companies on our plattform into account and added a remote-first label to make it a little easier to spot them. By scanning job descriptions for indicators of a remote-first employer we now have a list of remote-first companies that are hiring in the AI/ML space:

This list also includes companies that are partially remote-first with only a division or some teams (e.g. dev teams) being fully remote and the rest maybe not so much. But usually the jobs listed on our platform are part of their fully remote team and embedded in a remote-first environment.

Remote-first badge on Wikimedia company page

A ‘Remote-first’ badge also appears on a company page for those that promote themselves as a remote-first company or 100% remote team, etc. in their job ads.

We’re also considering adding a search filter for this attribute so looking for jobs at these companies could become a little easier in the future. Until then, stay tuned!

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