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What is React ?

React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components.

But, What the fuck is React ?

It is used to create single page applications just by using a single index.html file with meta tags and a <div id="app"></div> which basically contains the whole application. No More bunch of html files for creating websites and manually linking them... blah blah... It's all made so easy with webpack.

Oh wait !! Webpack ? What role does it play here ?

So, Webpack is kind of the mastermind behind all of this. It helps in bundling the react codebase and compiles the whole codebase into javascript chunks, which are easy to serve when requested. It helps optimise bundle size for faster serving webapps.

and yes, Routing pages is possible in React apps. With the help of react-router, you can easily route components to where they belong.

So, is that it ? i.e.

  • SPA ( Single Page Application )
  • Faster Serving WebApps
  • Better Organization for Pages and Linking

Hell NO, We are just getting started folks.
Follow this whole series to learn more about react.

React out to me

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