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nameof vs + operater

C# Tip
Using '+'
Traditionally, we might use the concatenation operator to create a string that includes the name of a variable.
However, this approach can lead to errors. If we change the name of myVariable, the string wonโ€™t update automatically, leading to potential confusion and bugs. While concatenating strings using + might seem straightforward, it's prone to errors.
Using nameof
The nameof operator can help us avoid these issues. It returns the name of the variable as a string at compile time.
Now, if we change the name of myVariable, the string will update automatically. This can help us avoid errors and make our code more maintainable.
Benefits of nameof:

Compile-time safety: Errors caught early in the development cycle.

Refactoring support: Renaming made hassle-free, no more manual updates.

Enhanced Readability: Clearly expresses intent, fostering code comprehension.

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