What software/services cause you the most agony?

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I'd like to take this opportunity to start a support group for users of traumatizing software.

I'll start.

Hello, I'm Ahmed, and I have to use Skype For Business and Webex on a daily basis. Every-time I try to connect to my calls, I have to say a little prayer, cross my fingers, roll a 100-sided die, and just HOPE that it works out! 🤣

Do you use software like that on a daily basis? What's the most frustrating software you work or have worked with in the past?

This is really meant to be lighthearted discussion and let software frustrations out through comedy 😊

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Okay, this isn't specifically software... But... My GPU has some of the worst drivers I've seen for Ubuntu/Debian/distro of the week, like ever.

I regularly have to wrestle with them still, and I'm pretty sure hacking them enough that I could even install them has left me traumatized for life.


What GPU? 2007-me relates but it's been a while since this has been much of a problem for me.


Radeon HD7950. The people who tell you AMDGPU just works are lieing.

Aww that's sad to hear. I was excited when that was getting released but haven't had AMD hardware in years. Good to know!

Part of it is the age of my card, part of it is AMD being crap. If you do ever use AMDGPU avoid the "pro" version like the plague.


I don't know if I'm cursed or my hardware is cursed, but I definitely spend way more time and energy than I should on printing via Samba.


OH MAN!! yes. I definitely share that frustration with you! it almost never works! lol


Eclipse IDE...it takes lot of time to start, also when we try to change the eclipse workspace 😂😜...
And we can not write single word of code until it completes the indexing...

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