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πŸ”– Bookmarklets Manager Chrome Extension!

All info you need to install is here:

GitHub logo ahmed-musallam / chrome-bookmarklet-manager

A chrome extension to manage bookmarklets!

πŸ”– Chrome Bookmarklet Manager

A chrome extension to edit bookmarklets with the monaco editor.

bookmarklet manager demo

A bookmarklet is a bookmark stored in a web browser that contains JavaScript commands that add new features to the browser.


pending review on chrome store


  • Clone this repo
  • Go to chrome://extensions/
  • Enable Developer mode slider
  • Click Load unpacked
  • Aelect the ext folder from the cloned repo
  • Run npm run dev: will watch source changes and build the Js bundle and put it in the ext folder.

This project has been in the making for quite some time. I wanted a bookmarklet manager extension that did not run any code on pages without the user actually trigging said code. This extension runs no Content Scripts which means that the extension itself does not load any code onto the pages you visit, nor does it care! All this extension does, is give you a way to edit bookmarks that start with javascript: in a nice editor. Oh did I forget to mention it uses the monaco editor? the editor behind VSCode!

Give it a shot, and let me know what you think! I would appreciate any input/pull requests/stars you can give!

PS. This extension is built with Vue, I am no Vue expert. Still learning :)

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Damon Muma

Really cool idea! I haven't actually used bookmarklets much, but I could see using them more with a nice place to manage them. Do you have any favourite bookmarklets?

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Ahmed Musallam • Edited

I have bookmarklets that are specific to me and some of the pages I visit. Nothing useful to share for general purpose. Wappalyzer has a nice bookmarklet
With this extension, I will be creating more bookmarklets for general use. Maybe I'll add those to the repo once I create them :)

I am, however, considering building a website where people can easily share bookmarklets. Like codepen but for bookmarklets. I think it would be a cool exercise!

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Mauro Mazzerioli

Great app!

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