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Bito the AI plugin and How to add it to JetBrains IDEs

Bito is a powerful AI plugin that helps developers write code, explain code, create tests, and more using ChatGPT. Bito integrates with JetBrains IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, PyCharm, and others, and allows you to access ChatGPT’s models without having an OpenAI key. Bito can save you an hour a day by accelerating your coding tasks and providing you with helpful insights.

In this article, we will show you how to install Bito on your JetBrains IDE and how to use its features to boost your productivity and creativity.

How to install Bito on Jetbrains IDEs
Installing Bito on your JetBrains IDE is very easy and takes less than two minutes. Here are the steps:

Open your JetBrains IDE and go to Settings > Plugins.
Search for Bito in the Marketplace tab and click Install.
Restart your IDE to activate the plugin.
You will see a Bito icon on the right side of your editor. Click on it to open the Bito panel.
If you are the first user for your organization, Bito will ask you to create a workspace. You can set it so that everyone with the same domain can automatically join or you can add teammates to your workspace to collaborate. Bito works best when you have a few teammates to collaborate with.
Alternatively, you can access the Bito extension directly from the
JetBrains marketplace at:

How to use Bito on Jetbrains IDEs
Once you have installed Bito on your JetBrains IDE, you can start using its features to enhance your coding experience. Here are some of the things you can do with Bito:

Ask any technical question: You can type any question related to programming languages, frameworks, libraries, algorithms, data structures, etc. and Bito will try to answer it using ChatGPT. For example, you can ask “how to implement a binary search tree in Python” or “what is the difference between abstract classes and interfaces in Java”.

Generate code: You can ask Bito to generate code for you based on your specifications. For example, you can ask “code in Java to convert a number from one base to another” or “code to implement a simple REST API in Go”. Bito will show you the generated code in a diff view against your existing code, and you can choose which lines or sections you want to integrate.

Explain code: You can ask Bito to explain code that you are unfamiliar with or want to learn more about. For example, you can ask “explain this code < insert code >” or “explain how this function works”. Bito will give you a detailed summary of the code’s logic, purpose, inputs, outputs, and potential errors.

Comment code: You can ask Bito to comment code for you based on best practices and standards. For example, you can ask “comment this method < insert method >” or “comment this class < insert class >”. Bito will generate comments for the method or class and its parameters, return values, exceptions, etc.

Create tests: You can ask Bito to create test cases for your code based on different scenarios and edge cases. For example, you can ask “generate test cases for this code < insert code >” or “generate test cases for this function < insert function >”. Bito will generate test cases in the same language as your code and show them in a diff view against your existing tests.

Bito also provides one-click shortcuts for some of these features so that you don’t have to type anything. For example, you can select some code and click on the Explain Code button in the Bito panel to get an explanation of that code.

Bito also allows you to share your results with your colleagues via Slack or email. You can also access your history of queries and results in the Bito panel.

Bito is an innovative AI plugin that brings ChatGPT to your Jetbrains IDEs and helps you write code faster, better, and easier. It can answer your technical questions, generate code for you, explain code for you, comment code for you, create tests for you, and more. It also lets you collaborate with your teammates and share your results with them.

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