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  1. English - Native
  2. Swedish - Basic, but actively improving.
  3. Latin - Intermediate, but very rusty.
  4. Spanish - Below basic spoken, but basic literacy.
  5. Japanese - Basic listening comprehension in the correct context, plus knowing a handful of specific phrases in spoken form, and a few kanji.

Learning Swedish originated as a whim, but it's been rather fun so far (it's a rather interesting language for multiple reasons).

Latin was from 3 years of foreign language courses in high-school. I wish I had continued working on it more actively, but it's still been remarkably useful.

Spanish was from one year of study in high-school. I didn't do very well at the time, but would love to get back to learning it (it's one of the four most spoken languages in the world, and I'm way to lazy to take the time to learn Mandarin or Hindi).

Japanese has just been something I've kind of absorbed through exposure (I'm a pretty serious anime fan, and I usually watch subtitled instead of dubbed). I've toyed with taking the time to learn it properly, but just haven't ever gone through with it.

I also know a smattering of words and phrases (some more useful than others) in over a dozen other languages, and can recite (but not understand or speak) Greek due to my interest in comparative linguistics.

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