Which foreign languages did you study?👨‍🎓

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I am a developer, who has a humanitarian background as well. I am curious to know which foreign languages other developers studied!

My knowledge list:

  1. English - Advanced
  2. Russian - Native
  3. Ukrainian - Native
  4. Spanish - Intermediate
  5. Italian - Basic

And how does your list look like?😊

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  • Romanian - native
  • English - advanced(maybe)
  • Italian - intermediate

I didn’t actually study Italian, I was lucky enough to live in Italy for one year and so I was supposed to learn it.. but it was a great experience!


That’s great! I lived in Italy around 4 months too, thanks to my remote job. You are right, living in the country - is the best way to learn the language.

  • German - Native
  • English - Advanced / C1
  • Russian - немношко в школе (a little bit at school)

While my English got boosted a lot at my semester abroad in Melbourne (ages ago), I also had my masters program in English. I think my grammar is still way too bad (use spell correction a thousand times) but I learned a lot of idioms and technical terms. As long as I keep coding my English may remain at this level.

My Russian is only covered by the basics - alphabet, reading, writing and fundamental conversations. Would love to have some more time in the future to get it to an intermediate level. At the moment I can't even follow the plot / conversation of a Чебурашка episode (which a Russian friend suggested as a starting point) :-D


Spanish - Native
English - Fluent

My goal is to learn Japanese one day.


Japanese - it is a challenge! Why this language?😊


Because I am in love with many aspects of Japanese culture: manga and anime (visual arts in general), music, car culture and personalization, their history and the way they think and act. I think that learning Japanese will allow me to better understand their culture and access more information and documentation, in addition to being able to interact with people from that country.

I would love to meet some Japanese programmers, and contrast their experiences with mine, their tastes in terms of languages ​​and applications ...

Sometimes I watch korean doramas.
Who knows, maybe one day I will start learning korean.😀

Why not? Learning things it's always interesting, whatever you want to learn.

Like we say in Spain, "Knowledge does not take up space".


Ancient Greek - I was a philosophy major so it made sense. It's all left me now.
French - HS and a year in college. It's mostly gone; I can ask for cheese and wine.
English - Advanced for an American.


Ancient Greek - that’s rare. I suppose, it should be even hard to find a good teacher for Ancient Greek.

  1. English - Native
  2. Swedish - Basic, but actively improving.
  3. Latin - Intermediate, but very rusty.
  4. Spanish - Below basic spoken, but basic literacy.
  5. Japanese - Basic listening comprehension in the correct context, plus knowing a handful of specific phrases in spoken form, and a few kanji.

Learning Swedish originated as a whim, but it's been rather fun so far (it's a rather interesting language for multiple reasons).

Latin was from 3 years of foreign language courses in high-school. I wish I had continued working on it more actively, but it's still been remarkably useful.

Spanish was from one year of study in high-school. I didn't do very well at the time, but would love to get back to learning it (it's one of the four most spoken languages in the world, and I'm way to lazy to take the time to learn Mandarin or Hindi).

Japanese has just been something I've kind of absorbed through exposure (I'm a pretty serious anime fan, and I usually watch subtitled instead of dubbed). I've toyed with taking the time to learn it properly, but just haven't ever gone through with it.

I also know a smattering of words and phrases (some more useful than others) in over a dozen other languages, and can recite (but not understand or speak) Greek due to my interest in comparative linguistics.


Russian - Native
English - Good enough according to most people I talked to (native speakers included) except a couple of recruiters
Spanish - Beginner (keep coming back to it every once in a while but not progressing much)
There's also a long list of languages I only know a couple of words from


Sometimes the level of native speakers is lower than foreigners, you are right. I met the same situation few times in my life.


English - Native
Japanese - Conversational
Korean - Conversational

On that note, I'm looking for any kind of job where I can work in foreign culture or language education or use that kind of knowledge, so if you or anyone knows of any, please let me know! :D

  1. English - Fluent
  2. Belarusian - Native
  3. Russian - Native

I felt strange writing about two languages as Native, but I am not the only one.😊


German - native
English - upper intermediate to advanced
Japanese - upper beginner
French - upper beginner
Spanish - some words

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