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N-Tier Architecture in core projects.

Breaking up .NET projects into smaller pieces (N-TIER Architecture)

Today i am going to be showing you how to implement N-Tier Architecture in your core projects This is a project that i am doing to learn EntityFrameWorkCore. You can have a look at my Github

  • This is the default project directory (MVC Project)
    Image description

  • I have created different Class Library projects in the main Solution
    Image description

The WikiCoding.DataAccess folder will be used for DataContext and Data Related stuffs. Eg, migration, table creation etc.

  • I have moved the Models folder to the WikiCoding_Models folder. Image description As you can see. I am breaking the projects into smaller pieces. This is the core principle of N-Tier Architecture.

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Ahsanul Haque

Presentation tier: Wiki_Coding (Main Project)
This tier is responsible for displaying the application's user interface. It typically includes web pages, user interfaces, and other presentation-related code.

Logic tier: WikiCoding_DataAccess
This tier is responsible for processing the application's business logic. It typically includes business objects, services, and other logic-related code.

Data tier: WikiCoding_Models
This tier is responsible for storing the application's data. It typically includes a database server and other data storage components.