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Top 10 Web Development Frameworks to Use in 2021


There are multiple frameworks being invented for the purpose of simplifying the web development process. It helps increase flexibility and reduces launch time. Without frameworks, modern web development would not be possible as they need to create databases, security options, and various other things from the start.

In this blog, we are talking about,

The best web development frameworks of 2021

The best web development frameworks of 2021

1. Angular JS

Angular was released in 2016 by Google. It is one of the most popular frameworks, and it is best suited for high-performance web and mobile apps as well as complex e-commerce projects. It is not a complete stack platform and can be used for front-end development for client-side applications. Angular uses Typescript front-end technologies, a JavaScript framework superset, along with HTML and CSS.

It is used by companies like Samsung, Gmail, Forbes, Microsoft office, Upwork, PayPal, Grasshopper, etc.

Reason to use Angular:

  • It has Two-way data binding and auto synchronization.
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Easy to test products
  • A large community
  • Supported by Google

2. Ruby on Rails (ROR)

ROR is another top web development framework which is loved by developers. It is an MVC that uses Ruby. It is widely popular due to the ease at which one can create an application through it when compared to others. Though it is seen as a beginner-friendly structure sometimes, it has many reputed users to vouch for it like GitHub, Dribble, Shopify, Twitter, etc.

It is best suited for releasing an application in the market in a very short time.

Reasons to use ROR:

  • Open-source that allows it to be web-friendly
  • It is budget-friendly
  • Strong community support
  • Simple to learn and scalable
  • Easy Documentation

3. Laravel

This is a software framework that is best suited for single page and rapid application development. It also allows developers to create an efficient backend for websites and applications using MVC architectural patterns. It has a lot of things to manage, from managing composer dependency tools to implementing blade engines. It offers ORM, routing, and queue javascript libraries. Laravel is used by Pfizer, BBC, 9GAG, etc.

Reasons to use Laravel:

  • Easy server-side framework
  • Rapid development
  • Easy testing
  • Outstanding layouts from template engine *Quick and functional

4. Ember

Ember first came out in 2011 and had an impressive set of tools and features that made it quite easy to develop mobile applications. It is focused on two-way data binding, which makes web development easy and fast. It is widely popular for making complex applications and is being used by top business companies like Netflix, Google, LinkedIn, OYO, etc. It has a large community that is always ready to help and increase productivity.

Reasons to use Ember:

  • A good set of powerful add-ons
  • Convention over configuration
  • Large community
  • Stability and suitable for large databases
  • Reusable code components


Vue is also a JavaScript framework that is used to create high-performance interactive front-end. It is an open-source framework that is used by developers to create UI and single-page applications. It has high decoupling, which makes it easier for developers to make the UI more appealing and easy to use. It is also great for creating sophisticated single-page applications which can be combined with modern tools. It is used by top companies such as Apple, Nintendo, Trivago, Behance, etc.

Reasons to use VUE.JS:

  • The main reason to use it is flexibility
  • Easy to use and readable code
  • Future-proof
  • Good community support
  • Great tools at disposal

6. React

React is a top front-end web development framework that was created by Facebook. It is not a web app framework but a front-end library that cemented its place as a front-end framework. It is largely used by Facebook and Instagram. It was the first framework to implement the component-based architecture, which later got followed by Vue and Angular, among others.

It is used by other big companies like UberEats, Skype, Airbnb, etc.

Reason to use React:

  • Easy to learn
  • A very good tool-set
  • Fast and efficient
  • High-performing and flexible
  • Large community base

7. .NET

Microsoft .NET is one of the best frameworks to create secure and scalable web applications. It is suitable for large-scale applications as it offers numerous advantages to both developers and clients. It helps create a functional and modern application with a great user experience. The developers and designers also get the flexibility and tools to create products with ease.

Companies such as Accenture, Microsoft, Stack Overflow, etc.

Reasons to use .NET:

  • Offers good UI controls
  • Top-notch security
  • Integrates with other Microsoft applications
  • Stable and scalable
  • Quick deployment process

8. Yii

It is a top open-source web development framework for PHP. It is best for developing applications where repetitive tasks have to be performed. It comes with an in-built component-based model and modular application architecture. Yii follows rapid application development, which allows you to get web applications up and running in a very short time. It becomes easy to customize applications.

Yii is used by companies such as Deloitte, Fujitsu, Discovery, etc.

Reasons to use Yii:

  • Security
  • Extensible
  • Quick development
  • Encourages testing
  • Easier to manage errors

9. PHP

It is one of the most popular languages used for web development. It is used in almost all CMS systems. Top CMS like WordPress and Joomla are also made using PHP. There is no argument that PHP is one of the best languages available for web programming that has made it possible to manage content and community applications easily. It has numerous features that are easy to learn and has a sound architecture.

PHP is used by top companies like Wikipedia, Tumblr, Slack, etc.

Reasons to use PHP:

  • Code organizing is easy
  • Numerous tools and libraries are available
  • Good security
  • Suitable for teams
  • Quick development process

10. Golang

Golang, which is also known as ‘GO’ is a native code. It was developed by Google and has clearly become a developer favorite. Go has native metaphors for programming and several other features for web services. It is open-source and helps developers create dependable and proficient software. It is suitable for scalability and optimizations as well. There is less code typing and writing APIs without worrying about compromising functionality. It is used by companies such as SoundCloud, Twitch, Dailymotion, etc.

Reasons to use Golang:

  • Advanced and reliable
  • Efficient
  • Quick and stable
  • Accessible tools
  • Huge community


These are all the top web development frameworks that you need to know about. Selecting the best one among them depends on your business requirements. Choose the one which suits your purposes and budget.

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