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Discussion on: What is the "no code" / "low code" movement?

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Ernesto Lopez

Good article, i get your point, and me and me friendo talk a little about it on our podcast (Spanish).

What we talked about is that, yes this no code movement can bring more companies up and running, even facilitate and speed testing processes and the development effort will move to improve this nocode solutions.

In the other hand, quality software and standards will get more important, as this solutions need to be really tested, and secure because imaging that there is a bug in a a no code solution, this will be easily replicated to hundred of clients and people creating stuff with them.

It is a really interesting movement, and a lot of effort and new companies are going to move through that.

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Liviu Lupei Author

I agree with your point of view.
And thank you for mentioning your podcast, it sounds really interesting.

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