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πŸ“‘ Quarkus : the fast, eco & DevEx-friendly framework

❔ About

I recently saw the following content popup:

We have adopted this technology in our Team at opt-nc and feel everyday a large amount of benefits on the DevEx and more generally on our whole DEVOPS pipeline.

After watching this content, I felt that sharing it internally may help improve our on-boarding process, so I decided to prepare a ready-to-use playlist on top of it.

🎯 What to expect

This post is dedicated to help people better understand where does Quarkus comes from and why it helps a lot... and why we love using it on our daily missions.

Each bookmark targets a specific aspect of this webinar so you can efficiently come and pick the point you must learn a bout within the next few minutes you have.

πŸͺ Focus points

Essentially, this playlist will cover the following aspects:

  • πŸ“œ Where does Quarkus come from: then & now
  • πŸ’³ Cloud concern and impact
  • πŸ“Š Application density (how much can be achieved with a given amount of resources)
  • ℹ️ The cost of dynamism
  • πŸ¦₯ DevEx : Testcontainers & devservices
  • βš–οΈ BUILD time vs. runtime considerations
  • 🌿🌍 Green IT & carbon considerations


Also, if you are very (very) short in time from my point of view, there are two MUST watch:

πŸ“‘ Playlist

  1. Intro
  2. Back in 2015
  3. 2022 : Fast & light runtimes
  4. 2011-2013 : Java shift to microservices, containers & cloud
  5. Container platform and is Java designed for the cloud: GO vs. javascript/node.js vs. Java
  6. Running application in the cloud concerns (start/stop often) bring apps up and down very often
  7. Applcation/service density and Quarkus
  8. KPIs Quarkus REST app startup time (Quarkus+graalVM, Quarkus +OPenJDK, )
  9. How does startup time matter (even without doing serverless) and auto-sclaing considerations
  10. Memory footprint and density considerations
  11. About throughput (native vs. JVM)
  12. MUST WATCH : the cost of dynamism and core Quarkus concept, immutable apps
  13. MUST WATCH : Quarkus and the "closed world assummption (and dev ex impact)" : BUILD time vs. runtime : pointless dynamic runtimes (about class loading, ) : how does a framework start
  14. (From scratch) Live code session (DevUI, database persistence w/ Panache, psql devcontainers, testcontainers, podman, service auto )
  15. testcontainers auto-provisioning and dev services (databases, redis, keycloak, kafka, elasticsearch, kubernetes, custom ones...) focus, configuration
  16. is Qharkus greener (KPIs, experiments, ) : Spoiler : native consumes more carbon than JVM

πŸ”– Additional resources

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