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📢 Neo4J Ninjas as Kaggle dataset 🥷

💭 Intro

I recently got a bronze medal for the Kaggle notebook that was preparing data about Neo4J Ninja:

👉 This made me think that these data were valuable and interesting people so I decided to publish:

  • A well documented Dataset
  • An original notebook that show how to play with dataset and produce original content

🎯 What you'll learn

You'll learn how to:

  • 🕹️ Play with Neo4J Ninja dataset with a very few lines of code
  • 🔗 Use and join many datasets together to unveil unprecedented knowledge
  • 📊 KPIs summarized in captivating dataviz, and very cool and fun stuff

Hopefully you'll enjoy this content as much as I did while building it.

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🍿 Demo

Enough talks, let's head on the dataset unboxing:

🔖 Neo4J Ninjas duckdb dataset 🦆

🥷 Neo4J Ninjas duckdb dataset 🦆 | Kaggle

A ready-to-use & enhanced duckdb database about Neo4J Ninjas


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