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📆 Better Citizen Experience w/ Open Data Calendars 🔔

🤔 What is this about

In New-Caledonia, due to recent (some deadly) shark attacks, open water activities have been regulated until the end of 2023 for safety reasons:

Risque requin : neuf campagnes de pêche programmées à Nouméa - Nouvelle-Calédonie la 1ère

Après les vacances de Pâques, nouvelle suspension des activités nautiques à Nouméa, pour laisser place à une campagne de pêche et d'abattage ciblant les requins tigre et bouledogue. Il y en a neuf d'annoncées d'ici à la fin de l'année.


💭 Citizen Experience

As a Citizen, it would have been

convenient to keep track and be notified when I can (or cannot) enjoy some activities for security purpose...

but (until now) I was lacking an easy and integrated access to that information.

💡 Open Data to the rescue

The idea I had was to

put that data somewhere so I can manage it and enjoy it

on my whole cloud universe, seamlessly accross all my devices... including my Outdoor smartwatch (the device I use for all outdoor activities):

Image description

🍿 Story telling

Enough talk, let's head on the storytelling:

🎁 Resources & goodies

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