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How ChatGPT is going to help but also destroy new developers.

First of all, What is ChatGPT? Well, ChatGPT is a chat-based artificial intelligence (AI) built by OpenAI using a technology called GPT-3, it is basically a chat where you can ask questions and the AI will answer like a real person, the funny thing is that ChatGPT is also able to give you code answers, for example, you can ask ChatGPT to solve your programming exercise and the results will be incredibly good, you will obtain a very well written code that works perfectly, the question here is, is this helpful for the developers? Well, in my opinion, it depends. So, if you are a senior developer with some experience and advanced knowledge about programming then ChatGPT could be a good option to help you with some stuff in your programs or apps, if you are having some issues with some functionality of your program then you can ask ChatGPT for some help because, as you are a Senior developer you should already have faced multiple problems so your programming skills are already developed, yes get better is always good but in this case, going to ChatGPT could be a great option, the problem is when that developer is less experienced, when you are starting to program, you have to make mistakes, learn from them and write tons of lines of code, with ChatGPT a young developer can fall into the temptation of asking ChatGPT for a solution for his problem and exactly here is where the problem comes. That young developer will just copy the code received by the AI, paste it on his program and voila, everything will be working fine but probably he doesn't even know how that code works, as i said before, to acquire experience in this, you need to make mistakes, write code and think about that, then you will evolve and improve your programming skills, if every single time that you have a problem you go to ChatGPT instead of trying to figure out the problem and the solution, then you will not improve your skills. However I also think that it could also be helpful for the young developers to figure out maybe another solution to his problem or maybe understand in a better way how something works as long as they have already tried to solve the problem by themselves. To conclude, I want to clarify that this is my opinion, your opinion may differ and is completely normal. Let me know your point of view in the comments below, thanks for reading :D

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Abdulsalaam Noibi

Thanks for sharing

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