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The latest alpha for Bootstrap 5 was released, bringing it close to a release version. It's worth checking out some of the changes and features already announced. I've put together a quick video going through the major items and a summary of what to check out.

Youtube: Bootstrap 5

  • Dropping jQuery
  • Dropping IE support
  • Adding CSS variables
  • Increasing SVG icons to over 1000
  • New styling, colours, etc
  • Better form design
  • New sizing for containers, columns and gutters
  • Utilities API

  • Much more!

Their current website address for the v5 library is here:

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Good to know that BS 5 is around the corner, wasn't really aware of it! No more jQuery dependency, nice ... but they've completely dropped support for IE (even IE 11), isn't that a risky move?


Agreed, I won't be able to release any apps using it, given more than 20% of my audience use IE11.


20% even ! That's probably more than the general market share but anyways completely dropping IE seems really a risky move (imagine how many years we've been fretting about IE 8 compatibility, haha).

Wikipedia has 10% of users on IE11 and I think that's probably the most accurate real-world share. In my case, it's mostly older corporates and they are in no hurry to leave. A lot of people look at caniuse.com stats and think IE is down in the lower % points - but that site measure visitors to itself - not many developers use IE11 in 2020 - but we still have users out there.

Right! I've seen another "stats" site where IE wasn't even mentioned anymore but I also think they've got it wrong, and generalized statistics don't mean much when you're operating in specific markets (corporate, specific geographies).

So I think we can agree that completely dropping IE is a questionable move, especially for what's simply a rather minor upgrade of a CSS framework which doesn't bring jaw dropping advances over the previous version.

Underlining my point above - when I mentioned this before Ben H pointed out that 0% of visitors to DEV are on IE11 (40 in a day/week or something). So it does depend on the audience, DEV could go to Bootstrap 5 and wouldn't hurt. LinkedIn would have a real issue.

Exactly, it's all about the target audience ...


Hey, a question from a fellow creator. Can you share how much time did it take to create this video?


Nice article canr wait for the full release!