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LLMs using a single API

Use your model, Apollo's model or a combination of both.

Today we're talking about aggregating different AI models under one API. I'm an open-source maker and have worked on various projects but none as fun as this!

Apollo allows you to integrate with any existing provider and sync data across multiple resources - the user interface (UI) is designed for creating decision making workflows. With the Apollo platform, you can perform no-code AI tasks using the best engines in the market. Apollo SDK is a cli toolkit for developers to build automation pipelines on their own.

...Lets take a look at the SDK!


Skip to the quickstart to start playing around with the SDK!

Show me an example

In your code you can write:

Apollo.connect('postgres://username:password@hostnam...', ...) # Starts syncing content forever!

Apollo.use('OpenAI', "moderation", ...) # Connect to existing providers!

Apollo.rule('Phrase1', '>=', '0.8') # Create custom rules!

Apollo.use('Apollo', "violence", ...) # Connect with our internal models!

# Detect bad actors at scale!
Apollo.detectImage('Image1', 'contains', 'VERY_LIKELY') # Image Analysis/OCR
Apollo.detectSpeech('Audio1', 'contains', 'UNLIKELY') # Audio Processing
Apollo.detectVideo('Video1', 'contains', 'POSSIBLE') # Video Analysis
Apollo.detectText('Phrase1', 'contains', 'UNKNOWN') # Text Analysis
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Apollo then takes care of:

  • Automated detection against image, video, audio or text
  • Connecting with any external resource
  • Making sure your integration is robust, so you never again have to worry about stuck/stale data or false-positives

Cool, what can I build with it?

  • Teams in companies use Apollo to build native in-app connections related to active response, content moderation, fraud detection, etc.
  • Some automate their personal lives with Apollo by integrating against discord communities, or do other things like intelligent search. Checkout our Features!
  • Apollo can help you quickly build for hobby projects


Thanks for making it this far! If you want to join or find interest feel free to star our repo or join the discord:

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