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Discussion on: Check out my developer Portfolio

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Good effort!

As another comment said, I prefer that you remove the background image and use a blank color.

Also, pay attention to some of the typos.
For example, you wrote: "I am a Self- taught...", here the "self" should not be capitalized and there should not be a space before "taught" - so "I am a self-taught".

Lets have a deal should be Let's make a deal.

I suggest that you write your own name instead of About Me because I couldn't know who you are until I opened the side menu (note that I'm on mobile).

Don't write "am" without the "I". While it may look fine, it's grammatically cleaner to include the personal pronoun.

You could improve a few phrases. For example:
"Currently am a co-founder of Soft Web Creator© which I create responsive websites as a freelancer for both Individual and Organization."

This phrase doesn't make a lot of sense because you're saying that you co-founded a company but also that you're working as a freelancer, so outside any company.

I also suggest that you search for a more appealing font.

Best of luck!

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Olalani Oluwaseun Author

Thank you soooo much for the great feedback. You are really a mentor and have note down your points.

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