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How to be a professional web developer?

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Hey there DEV.to community!

It's been a while since my last post due to some personal timing issues.

It seemed like an interesting topic to write about and here we are. I'm going to share some of my personal experience with being a programmer and especially a web developer.

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Has absolutely nothing to do with the topic!

You don't have to know everything

One of the most mistakenly known things, when someone wants to start a career as a web developer, is that they should know everything, starting with programming languages (PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#, Java, C++ and ...) and with all other technologies like libraries starting with Vue, React and even jQuery, or another example with frameworks like Laravel, Phalcon, Django, ASP.NET, Symfony, Cake, Yii, Nuxt, Next and etc.

It is not necessary to know all this! Although knowing all of these technologies is a huge point but you don't have to learn them all by one night. You should use them and learn as you go and as much as you need! Soon you'll see that you know how to work with all these even without trying to learn them!

A good programmer isn't the one who knows everything, but who knows everything about something!

Give yourself time

If you are starting to learn web development and you are too young (like I was when I started) you might struggle in learning some concepts of web and related technologies. Don't get discouraged and give yourself some time. You might be able to learn it later with some more ease.

Let me share with you something about myself relating to this part. I was 12 years old when I tried to learn JavaScript and the only programming that I knew was PHP. As you know PHP is one of the most strange and different languages out there comparing to others especially to something like JavaScript that is event-based and asynchronous. As you might guess JavaScript was very weird for me and I couldn't get along with it. After a while, I started to learn jQuery and it helped me understand JavaScript way better and I can confess that learning jQuery was way easier for me than Vanilla JS so I owe one to jQuery!

This was one strange thing that happened to me and you can also experience such things that might help you with other things that you struggle in.

Learn useful stuff

There are thousands of tools and technologies out there ready to use, but do we need all of them? NO! For instance, most of the people use Git as their version control system, there are others like Mercurial but they are not that much known and the community behind them is kind of weak.

If you are using well-known stuff that means they are supported by the community and are more stable thus you can find more jobs related to them.

Move forth with the world

Don't resist new things that are coming up. The computer field is one of the most fast-growing fields in the world and there are new things every day. If you resist new things it is not possible for you to be successful. For example, ASP classic was a great way to develop websites but can we use it now? NO! Why? Because lots of tools that were used for ASP classic are deprecated, so what is the solution? Go and use ASP.NET!

Can you use Vanilla JavaScript to develop advanced web apps? It is not possible. What is the solution? Use some new frameworks such as Vue, React or Angular and recently Svelte. Can you use jQuery for such an aim? No!

Keep in mind that when telling that it is not possible it doesn't mean that it is totally impossible rather it is really painful to do things in the old way to achieve something new.

Treat your clients well

When you get a client, treat them like you want to get treated if you were a client. Don't use words that they might not recognize because usually, your clients are people who don't know how to program and they want you to do so. In case you need to use any words explain what it means and let them know it so they can decide whether they want it or not.

Don't be all about business! It is not good to look at everything as a business this might get you in some bad situations where no client wants you anymore. Try to help people, this will bring up awesome opportunities for you. Though helping has a limit so keep it in mind.

Accept new challenges if you know you can handle

Sometimes you might receive new projects that you know nothing about! Don't be stressed and read the details carefully and simply see if you can handle it or not. If you think that you are able to get this done go ahead and challenge yourself with some new stuff. This will also help you with your future projects. But be careful! If you don't know how to do the project and you are not sure if this project fits you the best just get over it and decline the contract. A half-done project can damage your CV.

Tell me if I'm mistaken or if you have nay better things to add to the list in the comments section below.

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I'm Adnan Babakan and I'm from Iran. I started programming since I was 8 and now I'm 19. I love programming!


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Wow this article is just sweet though it didnt mention about my darling python and django


Thanks for your comment
I will add these don't worry XD