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What are Kubernetes minions?

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Ok. let's keep it short!

Kubernetes cluster is a collection of machines, each machine has a dedicated role. They can be master or worker. The master is our API point of contact and holds the information about what's going on in the cluster in terms of apps, pods, developments, etc. The workers are in charge of running the app in the pod, in the container.

The machines that acts as workers, used to be called minions.
Today they are called nodes.

That's it!

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I think it’ll only confuse beginners to call Nodes “minions”. That term was abandoned long ago and no docs/blog posts will call it that way, hence any reader will be confused.


Hi Ahmet, thank you for your comment and feedback.
Unfortunately, some interviewers and prev/future colleagues in the industry will continue to call it minions, this is why it is here. Also it is important to understand history for easier future integration and conversations.


I’ll take your word for it. I have been working at Google on Kubernetes since past 3 years, never heard it being called minions. (:


It's probably better to point out, that nodes were called minions for a time. That's what I heard in most of the talks and how it's written in some other references.

Hi Lea, thank you for your comment, it is pointed out in the article.
Line number 7+8.