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Becoming a Superhuman In 10 days of Isolation: Day 0

adiletd profile image adiletD ・2 min read

It is now 10:45 pm of September 24th and day 2 of my personal Quarantine Hack challenge. Though I achieved so much in these 2 days that "Day 0" is closer to reality title.


  • I am in the hotel quarantining for 14 days
  • I completed 4 days
  • Want to spend my most effective 10 days in my life starting today

My goals:

  • complete 3 projects (2 in progress)
  • prepare final version of CV
  • apply for parttime jobs in Hong Kong
  • apply for internships for summer 2021

The rest of my quarantine period I will be sharing every single day here in this cozy place, which would create extra pressure and responsibility for me.

My 2 days ago manifesto to an imaginary audience (me and my demons) looked like this:

It is not really possible to completely change the world in 12 days, but i think if i work to my full potential I will at least know what I am capable of and will probably acheive something significant. I will also build up a way to better self for the rest of the year.

After 3 days it sounds funny. Turns out imaginary audience has to pressure on me and my unproductive soul.

I will make plan of the day the day before that day. Each task has timeslot and duration. These are the punishment-reward system

  1. If I wake up more than 10 mins later than the planned time I take a cold shower
  2. If I am not able to finish the task within the planned timeslot I will: move on to the next task and take a note on what I was able to finish
  3. If I take a phone while completing a task (even though it will be needed)I will do: the wasted amount of minutes x 5 pushups
  4. If I do something else and not the planned task I will do: the wasted amount of minutes x 10 pushups
  5. If I feel sleepy or tired I will do 40 pushups, take a cold shower again and resume the task

General plan:

  • First 5 days focus on the projects
  • Last 5 days focus on the cv and interview

I am using:

  • Google Calendar for planning the work and the tasks to complete
  • Evernote to take notes on what is going on and keeping a general list of items

In fact, it is just interesting how it will turn out in the end. Will become a whole new upgraded monster whom nothing can stop? Will I prove to myself that I am a balloon that blows off on a little pressure?

I am not sure why it has to be interesting for someone to read but the most important thing I think is that I will be reporting the things I am trying to make with someone else. I will write about the struggles and discoveries and will share interesting ideas in mind of a 20-year-old person about SWE, life, and everyday stuff.

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