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Ayu Adiati

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Ayu's Hacktoberfest 2023 Pledge

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Hi friends!

I'm Ayu, a tech blogger, front-end developer, open-source contributor, and tech community enthusiast based in the Netherlands. 👋

I've been a member of the DEV community for 4+ years, and I'm part of the moderator team here on DEV and CodeNewbie!😄


This year marks the 5th Hacktoberfest that I'm participating in! 🤩

This time, I want to go beyond by supporting beginners in open source! So, here comes my pledge.


One Accepted PR

As in previous years, I aim to have at least 1 PR accepted for Hacktoberfest.

I know, I know. You might be saying, "Are you serious? We need four PRs to complete Hacktoberfest."

This is what works for me. Setting achievable and realistic goals gives less pressure and makes me enjoy the process. And when I've achieved it, I constantly challenge myself to do more.

So, if you are wondering, I completed each of my previous Hacktoberfest, and in the last three years, with more than four PRs accepted and merged during the events. 😊

Supporting Open Source Community

This year, I want to focus more on supporting the open-source community, especially beginners in open-source.

I will guide and answer open-source questions for anyone who needs one. And I'm volunteering in some tech communities — Virtual Coffee, OpenSauced and SheSharp — to be a mentor, a Hacktoberfest support, and a maintainer during the event.

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