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My goals for the next 8 weeks with HNG internship 8.0

HNG internship is an internship program run by a group of talented individuals with the help of Ingressive for Good.

This internship program runs for 8 weeks and The sole aim of this internship is to help interested candidates build up their skills in the tech industry.

This program has the following tracks available for candidates

  1. Frontend development
  2. Backend development
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. DevOps
  5. UI/UX
  6. Digital marketing

As a person who loves implementing the UI of a website I have chosen the Frontend development track in this program and my Goal of joining this program is to boost my confidence, sharpen my skill to a good level and to meet new friends in the tech space.

Below are some beginner resources that has helped me in my journey so far

HTML & CSS basic (building a portfolio website) by Telmo Sampaio

Git and GitHub for Beginners - Crash Course by

The Figma 2021 Crash Course by Example by DesignCourse

Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners by

thanks for stopping by, i hope all the resources linked in this article will be of benefit to you.

to know more about this internship head over to

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