What to learn next ?

adarshkkumar profile image Adarsh.K.Kumar ・1 min read

What languages, framework, technology or anything Computer Science are you planning to learn next or interested in ?

For me it's RxJava, Erlang, Elixir and distributed computing.


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I'm about to finish javascript and oop what's next mmmmmm i guess i will start on doing 5 projects i named them to finish this week and during doing these projects i will start with Data structure and then on 6/21/2018 12:00 pm Egypt/Local time i will start looking for a job as a junior front-end by this time i will start learning php my passion <3 and go deeper into algorithms and data structure to see where this rabbit hole takes me


Wow thats quite a detailed plan Paula.

Good luck with Job hunt firstly.

I know programming languages are a tool, and have a little knowledge of job scenario in Egypt but you should consider another web technology stack also.

As most new projects I see very less % is in PHP/LAMP/LEMP stack.

I personally would like to learn Elixir and Pheonix


If you're into distributed computing I definitely recommend: Designing Distributed Systems by Brendan Burns. I just finished it and it's awesome. It gives you insight into design patterns for a scalable application and how to deploy those on kubernetes as well (if the tech is in your TOLEARN list)

Personally, I am into Golang, Rust, Kotlin and maybe Haskell to get into functional programming (I thought about it a long time ago but never got the guts to start it).


Thank you I will definitely check that book out.
I got a copy of Designing Data Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann yet to start reading but really good reviews. It will give us an overview of most of the topics .


I'm learning Android Architecture Components at the moment, along with Kotlin. I believe these two things are going to increase my productivity at work tenfold, so pretty excited about that.

Next on the charts is Unit Testing, Shell Programming, MySQL and Go (know the basics, looking to gain advanced knowledge).

Exciting times.


Waiting for some posts or zines on Android architecture :)


I'm currently in more of a building than a learning phase right now personally, but I've had my eyes on GraalVM for a little while now.


Waw that's great, what are you building Sean ?


Maybe a game, maybe an app, the graal project is a long term one to make a programming language that I’ll be writing about on here once I get some sizeable work done 🙂


Currently, I'm busy learning Elm. Then, I want to dive deeper into Haskell. And AWS is long due.


Haskell is in my to-do list as well.
Let me know if I can be of any help with AWS.


I hard MS is making their machine learning classes open and free; I would love to learn more about that.

Also, IoT.