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[free template] App UI package for Food ordering

As social distancing spread globally, we saw a surge of demand in developing food ordering websites and apps. Unfortunately, there have some ambiguities in concept and features deterring companies from defining what they really want.

Accordingly, today we give you a small step of what a realistic app should be? Despite spending money buying UI design in ThemeForest or other design marketplaces, we give you FREE.

Ready-to-used template for everyone

We offer a full set of 15 app screens of featured delivery app, specialize in user apps. It contains interfaces for user login, placing orders, and tracking orders.

Screens Description
Log-in/sign-up screen For users access
Profile management screen Payment, notification, languages, and more
Home Screen Dishes and drinks exploring
Store screen Menus and information display
Order and Payment Order review and placing payment

Completed UI design for ordering app

As developers, you intend to explore the fundamental feature set to be applied in an app development project. In fact, each project has its own architecture and UI depending on the unique requirement of product owners. However, in terms of Food ordering apps, some common authorism could be shared.

As a UX/UI designer, it is a rare opportunity for you to capture a completed package UI for FREE. Our latest UI template comes from experienced designers who contributed to many real projects. As software outsourcing companies, we have a chance to execute several projects related to on-demand Food ordering and on-demand food delivery, which turned into a valued experience.

As a client planning a new project regarding food orders to your business, our template would give you the initial concept before talking further.

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