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Install LESS highlighting in Sublime Text

Sublime Text doesn't come with LESS highlighting by default, but it's quite easy to install.

I've pulled the following from my previous blog post on how to install Zen Coding/Emmet in Sublime Text.

The first thing you want to do is open up Sublime Text. If you don't already have the package manager installed, then install it by bringing up the console Ctrl + ' and pasting in:

import urllib.request,os; pf = 'Package Control.sublime-package'; ipp = sublime.installed_packages_path(); urllib.request.install_opener( urllib.request.build_opener( urllib.request.ProxyHandler()) ); open(os.path.join(ipp, pf), 'wb').write(urllib.request.urlopen( '' + pf.replace(' ','%20')).read())

Press enter and wait for that to install. Once complete, press Ctrl + Shift + P to bring up the command palette and type Install, press enter to select Package Control: Install package.

Once the menu appears, type LESS and select the first package.


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