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Let’s Get Dynamic! Ideas for the Netlify Dynamic Site Challenge

Netlify's Dynamic Site Challenge is happening now, and it's your opportunity to play, create, showcase some of those skills—and maybe even snag a slice of the $3,000 prize pool!

Seasoned devs and curious beginners welcome! This challenge offers you three exciting prompts to explore the possibilities of dynamic web technologies. But how can you transform these prompts into a great submission?

Well, if you already have a site built on Netlify – you can use this challenge as an opportunity to make optimizations! As long as you clearly state what you are building on and what elements are original to this submission, you’re good to go.

If you’re starting from scratch and need a creative spark, we’ve got you covered – check out our ideas below. Remember, submissions are due May 12. No time to waste! ⏳

💡 HOT TIP! Show and Tell Your Creative Process: As you dive into building, don't just focus on the final product. Make your submission shine by detailing your creative journey. Explain the choices you made, the challenges you faced, and how you overcame them. This narrative will not only enhance your entry but also make your project more engaging and relatable to the community.

Visual Feast: Your Canvas for Creativity

Transform your site into an image gallery that shows off your your dazzling avatars and digital images. Netlify’s image transformation powers are the brush and canvas to your inner artist. Here are a couple of ways you could stir up the pot:

Custom Avatar Generator

Let’s get personal! Build a funky web app where users can jazz up their profile pics. Upload, tweak, and transform—crop, resize, maybe throw a sepia tone on it? Give users the tools to craft avatars that scream 'this is me!'

Social Media Image Optimizer

Because size–and–format matters! Whip up a tool that polishes images for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and the rest. Users can upload their pics, pick their platform, and voilà—your app tweaks it to look downright stunning.

Visual Feast Submission Template

Build with Blobs: Play with Your Data

Think outside the storage box. With Netlify Blobs, your data’s not just stored; it’s ready to perform. Here are some ideas to get you rolling:

Audio Clip Sharing Platform

Drop that beat! Create a hub where users can share their audio clips—music, podcasts, or sound bites. Upload, store, and share with a sleek interface and make some noise on the interwebs.

Collaborative Story Writing

Ever wanted to write a group novel? Here’s your chance. Build a platform where storytellers unite, adding sentences or paragraphs to a growing tale. It’s real-time, it’s messy, it’s beautiful—just like any good story should be.

Build with Blobs Submission Template

Clever Caching: Make Speed Your Superpower

Harness the might of cache control and watch your site fly. Netlify’s caching tools are your secret weapon for lightning-fast experiences. Here are some thoughts on what you could build:

News Article Cache Management

Craft a news platform where stories are as fresh as your morning coffee. Play with cache settings to manage content like a pro and keep those updates rolling smoothly.

Quiz Application with Leaderboard

Who doesn’t love a good quiz? Create one that’s not just fun but fast, too. With smart caching, your quiz zips along, and leaderboard updates help users get super quick results!

Clever Caching Submission Template

Ready to Play?

These ideas are just starters—mix them, match them, or toss them out the window and come up with your own! Use the provided submission templates, review the full details, and make sure to peek at the guidelines on the official challenge page before submitting. Now go on, show us what you got. 🌟

Happy coding!

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Michael Tharrington

$3,000 prize pool

A clip from an Anderson .Paak music video... we're looking over his shoulders as he is on a diving board about to jump into a pool of cash... we see him get a big bounce before doing a front flip right into the cash.

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Nabil Alamin

Got something in the works 😉


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Nabil Alamin • Edited
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sahra 💫

Let's gooo💥🚀

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Good luck everyone!

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Patrick Monteiro

Discover Mars through the Quasar Framework and Netlify Image CDN technology.

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